The health and wellness industry is a multibillion dollar industry and growing. Skin, body therapies, holistic therapies, exercise, lifestyle, food and essential oils are just a few of the topics that are found under the health and wellness umbrella. Whether you are already a part of this growing industry or want to learn more we hope Know Skin has something for you.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful!

Known for their therapeutic and aromatic benefits. Modern day aromatherapy has led to a greater scientific understanding and therefore sourcing of these organic compounds. Potency and efficacy of essential oils is dependent upon many factors. High quality essential oils can provide many positive benefits to overall well-being and have a natural ability to bring the body back into balance.

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Skin Health and Treatment

Skin covers us from head to toe and is vital for our health and survival. A complicated and fascinating organ with many complex functions, know the importance and functions of this incredible organ and how to treat it. From anatomy of the skin to professional skin care treatments, skin disorders and their physiology to the complex changes that occur during the aging process. Understand the difference between skin types and conditions and the important role each type plays in determining the best treatment options.

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Wellness from the Inside

Our bodies and their associated functions are amazing! Understanding our body’s physiology empowers us to make informed choices about what to allow in and what to keep out! Our skin is a reflection of the state of our internal affairs. There are many factors that play a negative role in the overall health of the skin. Toxic load, stress, ineffective elimination and an imbalance in PH are just a few. Are you helping or hindering your body’s ability to create a healthy internal environment? Take control of the health and wellness of your own body it will reward you!

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Body Therapies

Skin care and treatment is not limited to the face and neck. We are covered from head to toe with this vital organ! Body therapies are extensive and may include various massage techniques, toxin elimination, and hydrotherapies to name a few. Know more about body therapies and their benefits, which treatments to choose for targeting specific results from anti- aging to stress relief!

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Kirsten Sheridan

I have spent the last twenty years in the skin and health industry as a professional skin care therapist, massage therapist, clinical aromatherapist, reflexologist, personal trainer and educator. I look at skin health from a whole body perspective. How we treat ourselves inside and out!

Despite state of the art technology, scientifically proven skin care ingredients and billions spent, we’ve become frustrated with results that often come up short. It’s not that all products and technologies are not effective it is our expectations as a consumer. We desire quick fixes and effort free results.

When we start combining a healthy lifestyle with the technology, effective product, along with encompassing the body as a whole our results change dramatically!

There is so much to achieving healthy skin and a healthy body from hormone balance, to what we eat, managing stress levels, to the type of exercise we enjoy. All of these factors and more contribute to us as a whole!

The state of our skin reflects what is occurring internally and externally and maps out our personal lifestyle choices for everyone to see.

If you are a professional in the health and wellness field, a skin care therapist or just want to learn more about treating your skin as a vital organ linked to all the other organs that create you! Then begin your journey to a healthier, more radiant you right here right now at Know Skin.