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As I was contemplating which topic to use for my first Know Skin blog from a bunch of topics swimming around in my head I noticed that sun is baking the grass outside and that right now sun protection is a hot topic!

Like a lot of you I spend time outside year round walking the dog, gardening and attending soccer matches but with school out for summer my sun exposure will sky rocket over-night. Outside of vacation the one place the kids love to be is the pool.

Sun exposure is, however, a year round concern; do we get enough? How much is too much? Am I getting enough vitamin D year round? Or any time of the year for that matter!

It is no secret that the sun causes premature ageing and is linked to skin cancers which no-one wants. Simple enough but did you know that research indicates that lack of vitamin D is also linked to various cancers such as colon and breast cancer? A deficiency in vitamin D has also been linked to heart attack and stroke.

So how do we get more vitamin D without compromising the skin?

A certain amount of Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin via sunlight and converted to a hormone which is stored in the liver. Other sources of vitamin D include food sources such as lean meats, egg and fatty fish and supplements. Supplementing with vitamin D requires choosing the correct form such as D3 and taking Vitamin K2 for successful conversion.

A staggering 80% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient.

As a skin care therapist advocating sunscreen is a must and besides being a lighter shade of pale I would look like a boiled lobster after 20 mins of unprotected sunlight in the summer. Going without sun protection to get your vitamin D quota is not recommended. Dependent upon skin type it may take only several mins for your body to get enough sunlight to synthesize vitamin D, the darker the skin the longer it takes. You also have to have a fairly large surface area exposed; not to the point where you have to frequent a nudist beach however!

Burning is bad, there are no benefits to burning internally or externally. Burning damages DNA! For those that advocate spending time outdoors without protection the recommendation is for half the time it would take you to turn a pale shade of pink. For me that’s probably to my mail box and back.

So for now I will stick to the strategy of applying my broad spectrum SPF every couple of hours when I am outdoors and get my vitamin D from food sources and supplements.

What is your sun protection strategy? Share in the comments below.

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