Therapies for the body.

There is a plethora of body treatments available today. Western philosophies combined with ancient global traditions are creating the emergence of new techniques and modalities. Emerging therapies may be based on ancient traditions with a modern twist or relatively new technology like Led therapy developed by NASA.

Stone Therapy

The application of body therapies can be tailored to treat the ‘whole’ person while having great skin benefits. Body therapies may encompass not just physiological but psychological well-being and help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with stress and perhaps include detoxification as part of the process.

Body therapies range from massage techniques, like Swedish massage, shiatsu, hot stone and aromatherapy to a la carte wraps like honey, herbal, mud, salts, essential oils and even nightingale droppings.

There is often an overlap between body and facial therapies many modalities can be utilized for both face and body, including many electrical modalities. Exfoliation techniques are adopted for both the face and body as are laser, LED therapy and pressure point techniques.

Salt Therapy

Many holistic body therapies work on the premise of energy flow which travels along invisible energetic pathways called meridians. Chinese acupressure and reflexology are great examples of this methodology.
Treatments such as weight loss surgery, plastic surgeries, and liposuction are still an integral part of the medical field. However there is a shift within these medical facilities to encourage the patient to understand the importance of overall health and wellness to promote a healthy lifestyle both prior and post-surgery which in turn will speed the healing process.


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Electrical Body Therapy
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