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feel the need to shed-Back to school, back to routines and structure for our kids but what about our skin routines?

If you are anything like me summer is like a permission slip for all things routine to fly out of the window. Schedules, bed times are all awry. More than the occasional baby wipe to remove sunscreen from days at the pool!

Time to get back on track! Shedding those pounds from too many pizza slices poolside and yes a little help for those shedding skin cells. Yes we are constantly shedding and responsible for a good portion of the dust that builds up. Exfoliation is a key factor of a good skin regimen. Exfoliating two to three times a week can prevent unsightly build-up of dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth creating a more radiant skin. Regular exfoliation also helps maintain hydration levels within the skin.

So how do you choose a suitable exfoliant for your skin?

With a variety of ingredients available it can be a little confusing. From apricot to walnut kernels, enzymes to acids, pumpkins to pineapples the exfoliation menu can be intense.

First of all avoid anything harsh, the skin is a delicate structure and any type of kernel is going to cause micro tears in the skin which will lead to future sensitivity. For many living in today’s environment sensitivity is an issue any way.

I am a fan of enzyme based exfoliants for home use as they tend to be gentler on the skin due to their pac man like action.

Acids are effective to but important to use a product that has a good PH balance and not too aggressive, overuse and prolonged use can increase sensitivity.

Exfoliation is effective when applied as directed, leaving exfoliants on for longer than the suggested time will just leave your skin feeling uncomfortable. During exfoliation a mild tingling sensation is normal a burning/ stinging sensation however is not – save the burn for your workouts! Feel nothing? No worries does not mean it is not working.

Incorporating an exfoliation regimen at home has many benefits but it is also key to visit your skin care therapist for recommendations and skin care treatments. Your professional skin care therapist can provide skin treatments unable to be performed at home including exfoliation series not suited for home application.

Make exfoliation part of your routine today – homework for your skin!


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I am passionate about the health and integrity of the skin and believe that to have healthy radiant skin you have to encompass the body as a whole. I am a professional skin care therapist, aromatherapist, massage therapist and CPT. To learn more visit www.knowskin.com.
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